pastries on a serving dish



Whether that’s Sunday brunch with our gal pals or a nice Friday dinner party, getting together over shared food and drinks looks different for everyone! As someone very wise once said:  

“Brunch without champagne is just a sad, late breakfast.”

So, we’ve created the Brunch flight! Because who doesn’t love pastries and wine? Saturdays through Mondays, we offer a tasting of some of our wines, a wine cocktail along with Glen Ellen’s favorite Les Pascals.  

Can’t make it over to us for a visit? Or want to try replicate the tasting experience for yourself and friends at home?  

We’ve got you covered with some suggested steps to go about hosting your own Brunch Flight tasting. Get some friends together for a brunch date. Since most of our wines are Rhone-inspired blends, we took a French pastry direction with our brunch, but feel free to add your own brunch personality to your own experience!  

DIY Brunch Flight

  • First, choose the breakfast wines for your flight pairing.
  • We recommend staying light with your wine choices– our Sauvignon Blanc, Rosé, and sparkling Rosé are some of our favorites.
  • Choose a few breakfast snacks. Whether you’re making them by hand or picking them up from your favorite bakery, we like to ensure that whatever’s on the table has a variety. 
  • From a savory snack like a Provençale Quiche or croissant to something more refreshing and fruitier like a lemon tart, make sure your spread is balanced and not too heavy.
  • The house-favorite on our Brunch flight and Katie’s favorite childhood snack are our strawberries dipped in brown sugar 
  • Dip one strawberry in sour cream, brown sugar and sprinkle with orange zest
  • We put our own spin on this Bundschu family classic by topping it off with zest of local oranges – because it is citrus season here in California after all!   
  • Take a sip of each wine followed by a bite of each breakfast snack or pastry. 
  • If you want to geek out a little bit on food pairings, you can even take some notes about what flavors and aromas are coming up for you as you go through your tasting and which pairings you like the most! 
  • If you’re still hungry afterward, then learn how to DIY our grazing boards for some heavier snacking after your brunch tasting.

DIY Noontide Cocktail

One of our cocktail specials is endearingly called Noontide Tiki-fied. It’s our refreshing take on a tiki cocktail. Simply mix our Noontide Sauvignon Blanc with the following ingredients.

  • Mix our signature Noontide Sauvignon Blanc  
  • Splash of grapefruit juice 
  • Splash of orgeat almond syrup 
  • Dash of allspice 
  • Dash of ginger  
  • Sprinkle of freshly ground nutmeg  
  • Add an orange garnish  

In the case that you do host a Brunch-flight-inspired get-together from home, we want to see it! So don’t forget to say hi and show us on Instagram @abbotspassage. Cheers and bon appétit!