The Bundschu family has purchased the 60 acre Valley of the Moon/Madrone Estate winery and vineyard property on Madrone Road in Glen Ellen.The Glen Ellen winery site will become the new home to Abbot’s Passage Winery & Mercantile, the brand launched by Kate Bundschu, 37, in 2015. The family expects a soft opening summer 2020 and a grand opening in early fall. The Valley of the Moon Winery tasting room will close this week. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

According to local legend, there was once a priest who lived up on Mont La Salle in Napa. Every week, he trekked all the way down the mountain on foot to his favorite watering hole in Sonoma. Or was it the Boyes Hot Springs? It depends on who’s telling the story, says Katie Bundschu. As a sixth-generation member of the family behind California’s oldest continuously family-owned winery, Gundlach Bundschu, she can’t count the number of times she heard this tale growing up. Something about it stuck with her, ultimately inspiring the name of her wine brand, Abbot’s Passage. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Unique merchandise at Abbot's Passage

This new endeavor from Katie Bundschu, who runs sales and marketing for her family’s nearby Gundlach Bundschu Winery, is a fun addition to the downtown Sonoma square. It’s become common for winery tasting rooms to include a gift shop, but Bundschu has turned Abbot’s Passage Supply Co. into a full-on retail boutique, with jewelry, clothing and stylish trinkets scattered throughout the space. She holds “maker’s workshops,” too, with guided instruction in everything from oyster shucking to lip balm production. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Katie Bundschu with Bacchus

In downtown Sonoma, look for Abbot’s Passage tasting room and mercantile store in an old red barn just off the main square. Katie Bundschu grew up at California’s oldest family-owned winery, Gundlach Bundschu Winery, and recently started her own label focusing on Rhone varietal wines. Instead of fermenting grape varietals separately and then blending them, Bundschu is co-fermenting field blends in a more experimental fashion that hearkens back to how farmers made wine in Europe for centuries. The retail and tasting room combination is small, cozy, and remarkably relaxed, hosting monthly events like oyster shucking classes and perfume workshops. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

The Next Generation: Katie Bundschu of Abbot’s Passage: A sixth generation vintner from one of the most well known Wine Country families, Katie Bundschu grew up pruning vines and harvesting grapes at her family’s winery Gundlach Bundschu. She went off to college and, after graduation, worked in fundraising at a Bay Area university. Bundschu eventually returned to her roots and is now the VP of marketing and sales at “GunBun.” She is also pursuing her new project: Abbot’s Passage, a new tasting lounge located in downtown Sonoma. Here, Bundschu offers tastes of rosé, cabernet and unique white and red blends, as well as artisan apparel and home decor, and a maker-space where guests can learn everything from blending perfumes and making jewelry to shucking oysters. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Sonoma needs another winetasting room like it needs more wineries. Abbot’s Passage Supply Co. is different. In addition to tastings of blends created under the Abbot’s Passage label, the tasting room serves as a general store as well, offering clothing, grooming products, home-décor items and gifts.

Abbot’s Passage, which opened its doors in December 2017, is Katie Bundschu’s new take on a tasting room, marrying a concept store with small-lot, co-fermented field blends sourced from vineyards within Sonoma. “We wanted to create a different kind of space, an inviting and engaging place where guests and our community could come together and learn something new,” she says. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Abbot’s Passage Supply Co. The wine and retail space from the Gundlach Bundschu family opened in December. Rugged jackets hang from the walls and light streams in. Visitors to Abbot’s Passage can choose a walk-in tasting ($25) or reserve a more in-depth private tasting in the salon ($40). They can also opt in to a slew of maker-focused workshops. You can learn how to make perfume or carve obsidian. Katie Bundschu, a sixth-generation wine grower, is behind this project, and says she wanted to create an innovative and unique space for shopping, learning and experiences. Her first collection includes four single-vineyard Sonoma wines. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Gundlach Bundschu Winery is California’s oldest family-owned winery and makes a variety of white, red and rosé wines. Katie Bundschu grew up in the family business and started her own label, Abbot’s Passage, opening a mercantile store and tasting room in an old red barn in downtown Sonoma this past December. Bundschu focuses on Rhone varietal wines, co-fermenting field blends in a more experimental fashion, whereas most California winemakers ferment different grape varietals separately then blend. The retail and tasting room combination is remarkably relaxed and hosts monthly events from oyster shucking classes to perfume workshops. READ FULL ARTICLE >>

Katie Bundschu Headshot

Katie is a sixth-generation vintner, vice president of marketing and sales at Gundlach Bundschu (one of the first wineries in California) and vintner at her latest project Abbot’s Passage. As a sixth-generation vintner, Katie Bundschu always knew she’d be involved in the wine business. From pruning and tying vines to harvesting grapes as a child, the Gundlach Bundschu Winery, California’s second winery, established in 1858, runs deep in Bundschu’s roots. In Fall of 2016, Bundschu launched her own wine label called Abbot’s Passage, a boutique collection featuring small-lot, co-fermented field blends sourced from storied family vineyards in Sonoma and beyond. “I’ve been in the wine industry pretty much my entire life–whether officially or unofficially–since Gundlach Bundschu is our family’s business founded in 1858. The wine industry has traditionally been somewhat of an old boys’ club, although that has shifted lately…” READ FULL ARTICLE >>